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Benefits of having an Electric Can Opener in hand!

Varieties of foods are coming in the market and lots of it were canned. Of course, it will make eating convenient in a way where foods are ready made but sometimes it isn’t that easy for cans are hard enough to be opened. It would take so much energy in opening it and time-consuming too especially if you were in a hunger state. But this inconvenience must be stopped now with this electric can opener. It makes the opening of the can much easier.

#1 Electric Can Opener for

Black & Decker Spacemaker

Why we love it:

  1. Powerful & convenient: Quickly removes can lids
  2. Multi-Tool: Includes bag cutter, bottle opener & knife sharpener
  3. Space Saver: Attaches to underside of cabinets

Electric can openers come with various designs suitable for any kitchen types. These openers are compact enough which can be placed anywhere around the kitchen. There are lots of electric can openers available in the market make sure to check its usability, durability, reliability and its safety precautions. This tool gives an easy and cozy way of opening the can just by pressing it down. It doesn’t demand a lot of energy for the tool itself will provide what you need. It works perfectly on heavy cans too and makes sure to hold upright the can.

Unlike traditional openers, this tool makes everything much better and durable enough. It should have motors and useful mechanical parts for a constant power source. What is good about this one is that it can be maintained easily. The cleaning process comes in a very simple way which makes it rust-free openers. There are lots of things needs to be considered in purchasing the best openers.

These newly invented devices will help you in many ways. It keeps the can you are about to open in place for it only requires a proper holding without having a tight grip, this will somehow abstain from splattering around the kitchen. It doesn’t just provide an easier way of opening the can, it also prevents you from an unwanted painful cut when using the traditional opener and knives.

Here are some of the latest in the market:

  • Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener. This tool is quite essential to having a safety opening of the can. It excellently removes the lid from the can in just a few seconds. It is very convenient to use leaving a cleaner finish.
  • Under-Cabinet Electric Can Opener Knife Sharpener. Quickly removes can lid without having any cuts. This tool is easy to mount and contains a very useful automated shut-off feature. This device is sturdy enough and functions so well. It comes with a sleek design suitable for any kitchen types.
  • Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener. This can opener was designed perfectly. It is very hand and very easy to use. It can cut around the sides of the can leaving no sharp residues that may harm and hurt your hand. It requires less energy in doing so and it shuts down automatically if left idle in a longer period of time.
  • Oster Accentuate. This device is very convenient and comes with a stylish design. It has a knife attached too which makes it more useful in the kitchen.

Deciding on which one to purchase is quite difficult but when guided with the features and important facts about the product, that thing would come easily.

7 Top Electric Can Openers

It could be tiring for many people to use a manual can opener. Eliminate that hassle with a more modern opener soon. There are a few possible options on the shelves. Do some research and buy the best can opener to suit your needs. Find the best electric can opener through a few available sources.

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Explore some of these options and note some important details. That will keep consumers in the know and headed towards the right purchase. Compare prices and options before settling on one specific model. Also pay attention to the brand name of the can opener in question.

Main Features
User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Black & Decker Spacemaker Fits traditional can mold; swing-open door in front of the model; saves space & easy access OutstandingModerate4.8 / 5
Hamilton Beach Extra-Tall Accommodates taller cans; uses SureCut opening technology for precision; needs user to get can measurement for easy operationVery GoodModerate4.4 / 5
Smart Touch Can Opener Handheld model efficient in opening molded cans; cost effective ; easy to find at stores or home depotGoodModerate3.6 / 5
Hamilton Beach Ensemble Features retro look; unique standing design; comes in standard red color with chrome finishGoodModerate3.9 / 5
Black & Decker Electric Can Opener And Knife Sharpener Multi-tasking model highly popular with buyers; multiple different uses ; guarantees perfect cut GoodModerate4.0 / 5
Cuisinart Cco-50 Can Opener Standing model with enough clearance ideal for most cans; comes in a white color scheme; chrome accents & elegant contours Very GoodModerate4.3 / 5
West Bend 77203 Provides good results; durable enough to last longer; features metallic color scheme GoodHigh4.0 / 5

7. Black & Decker Spacemaker

The team at Black & Decker have introduced a popular can opener for customers to consider. It fits the traditional mold when it comes to opening regular cans. There are a few new innovations that will set the Black & Decker can opener apart. It has a swing-open door on the front of the model. That should save space and make it easier to access to cutting device. Follow instructions to avoid injury while the can opener is in operation.

6. Hamilton Beach Extra-Tall

You may have guessed that the Hamilton Beach Extra-Tall is a sizable model. It offers extra space for taller cans to be opened. Get the measurements for the model before settling on a purchase. It uses SureCut opening technology to deliver precision results every time. That should open the can correctly on the first attempt.

5. Smart Touch Can Opener

The Smart Touch Can Opener is a handheld model that needs to be tried. That sets it apart from standalone, traditional can openers for buyers. Find it in stock if you shop through or the Home Depot. It is a cost effective model and may be purchased at a low price.

4. Hamilton Beach Ensemble

For a retro look, go with the Hamilton Beach Ensemble as the best electric can opener. It has a unique, standing design that looks different than other models. The model comes in a standard red color with a chrome finish. The brand is carried through by major retailers such as Sears.

3. Black & Decker Electric Can Opener And Knife Sharpener

Multi-tasking models are proving to be highly popular among buyers. They may want to review the specs to make sure it passes on all levels. Consider Black & Decker’s new entry to the market. It has multiple different uses and will still guarantee a perfect cut for cans.

2. Cuisinart Cco-50 Can Opener

It is another standing model, with ample clearance underneath for most cans. The Cuisinart brand pairs well together and could complete a stocked kitchen. The Cuisinart Cco-50 Can Opener comes in a white color scheme. Buyers can expect chrome accents and elegant contours along their can opener.

1. West Bend 77203

Customers have come to trust the West Bend brand name. It is pricier than its competitors but well worth the upfront cost. Expect good results and durability from the West Bend 77203 model. It also features a Metallic color scheme that appeals to many buyers. Buy online for a small extra shipping fee and get it delivered at home.

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