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Overnight Beauty On A Budget: 10 Overnight Beauty Hacks Using Natural Products From Home

By Holly / March 22, 2017

Skin problems often come out when you need to be prettiest. This leaves a lot of people frustrated, especially when they need a remedy ASAP. Luckily, there are overnight remedies that you can easily make at home, so you can finally have that glowing skin when you wake up.

Beauty Hacks Using Household Products


Dull The Dark Circles Under Eyes – Almond Oil Remedy

Use your ring finger to massage some coffee oil or almond oil around your eyes. This will help treat the fine lines and dark circles the natural way. Massage the oil daily for best results.

Softening Nails Is A Cinch – Shea Butter

Your nails also need some moisturizing to stay healthy and smooth. To soften the cuticles, simply use a small amount of shea butter or coconut oil and spread over your nails. Leave it on overnight to strengthen the nails and moisturize the cuticles.

Diminish Dry Feet – Olive Oil Remedy

You can exfoliate your legs by using warm olive oil. Gently massage the oil on your feet, and cover them using socks. Leave them on overnight to treat dry and rough feet.

Stronger, Longer Lashes And Brows – Castor Oil Remedy

You can condition your eyelashes and eyebrows with the help of castor oil. This oil can make your lashes and brows stronger and longer. To do this, apply castor oil to your brows and lashes before bedtime for best results. You may use a Q-tip to apply the oil along your top eyelash line.

Breath New Life Into Damaged Hair – Lavender Oil Remedy

Simply massage a bit of warm hair oil on your roots. You may also mix a few drops of lavender oil with your favorite hair oil for healthier hair and better sleep. It is best to use your fingertips when massaging the oil in circular motion to allow for faster hair growth.

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What Wrinkles? – Satin Pillowcase Remedy

Sleeping on a satin pillow can help reduce friction to prevent hair breakage, breakouts, and wrinkles. Using silk pillowcases will also help minimize skin stress, so you will not wake up with sleep lines. It may need a bit of getting used to, but the change is surely worth it.

Fix Split Ends Without A Hair Trim – Aloe Vera Gel Remedy

Split ends are definitely annoying. Thankfully, you can now get rid of them without spending a lot of money for salon treatments. Spread a small amount of aloe vera gel on the ends of your hair before heading to bed. This will help nourish the hair strands overnight, so you will wake up to smoother and healthier hair.

Dry Lips, Gone In No Time – Raw Honey Remedy

Dry lips can lead to cracks and they do not look flattering at all. Wake up to pink lips with the help of raw honey or almond oil. Use a clean toothbrush to apply a thin layer of honey or almond oil over your dry lips before bedtime. This will exfoliate your lips and get rid of dead skin to allow for soft and pink lips as soon as you wake up.

Reduce Pimples Overnight – Tea Tree Oil Remedy

You can make those pimples disappear overnight. Simply dab some tea tree oil (diluted) on the pimples using a clean cotton swab. Tea tree oil contains disinfecting properties that will minimize the redness without drying up your skin. For best results, drink plenty of water to clear up your skin.

Rid Yourself Of Dry Skin – Vitamin E Oil Remedy

You can exfoliate and cleanse your skin to clear it from makeup and dirt. Massage a drop of facial oil before applying night cream to rejuvenate your skin throughout the night. You may also use avocado oil, vitamin E oil, or argan oil before bedtime.

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