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Best Ab Roller: Roll Your Way To A 6 Pack With These Ab Rollers

By Holly / January 5, 2017

Ab Roller Buying Guide for a Flat Tummy

If you want to have flat tummy and abs, then exercise is the only option for you. To get better results, you can surely take the help of various devices and ab roller is a good option for that. With the help of this simple equipment, you can get perfect abs easily and quickly. However, choosing a proper ab-roller is always difficult for people because of its variety, quality, and other things. But if you can follow this simple ab roller buying guide, then you can get the best outcome with it easily.

Check the safety

Although most of the modern day ab rollers are completely safe so you don’t have to worry much about the safety part. Yet it is advised that you check the safety features associated with the ab roller. If a particular ab roller does not have basic safety features in it, then I would never advise you to buy that in any condition. This safety check should include everything ranging from the quality of material, its cables, and other things.

Check the cost

The cost of the ab roller is not very high and you shall check the same thing while buying it. In a good situation you can find this device at a really affordable cost, so if you think its cost is going higher then you shall not buy that. Instead of that, you shall look for some other options that offer the same kind of quality and results to you without a lot of complication or troubles. To get it in an affordable manner, you can also compare the cost from few different sellers and you can buy one accordingly.

Choose a reputed brand

Any exercise equipment can offer the best results to you only if you choose it from a good brand. Choosing exercise equipment from a non-reputed brand will not offer you the same level of trust while exercising. If you are in dilemma about the equipment then you may not be able to pay complete attention to the exercise and that will affect your overall exercise as well. Hence, make sure you choose nothing but a reputed brand while purchasing it.

Where to buy

In order to buy an ab roller you can always check the internet for same. The Internet is a good place to buy anything including ab roller. Many online stores sell this equipment to you at really affordable cost. These online stores may include amazon, eBay or Alibaba. Other than this, some sports material selling sites are also there that you can use to buy it. And if you don’t like online shopping, then many local stores can also help you buy it easily.

Also, when you buy it, then make sure you check the usability and ease of exercise. If it is not easy to use or if you don’t get right kind of user manual for users, then you may not get optimum results with that tool. So, make sure you follow this advice as well along with others things and you will be able to get optimum results in a fantastic way.

Best Ab Roller 2017

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

This is one of the best-selling ab rollers. It’s a premium offering which features the widest wheel available on an ab roller for better stability and a spring inside, dubbed as the kinetic engine, which resists outward rolling and assists inward rolling. The included knee pads and the non-slip rubberised grips ensure a comfortable workout experience. You can even download a 21-day digital workout plan which was designed keeping all skill levels in mind.

Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System by Iron Gym

This is a highly rated affordable option. It features a spring inside (for more controlled movement and resistance), thick rubber wheel, ergonomically shaped handles while still being relatively light and not bulky. The premium features it offers despite its budget price sets it apart in terms of comfort and usability.

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Wacces AB Power Wheel

Cheap, yet durable wheel which is available in several colors – red, gray, orange, blue, yellow and white. Use it on a carpeted surface if you’re a beginner to get more resistance and control your movement more easily. It’s design consists of two rubber wheels and two simple grips. It’s light, easy to assemble and requires minimal space to store.

BIO Core Ab Roller

This is a product by Epitome Fitness available in bright red, blue or green. Its premium construction features a steel bar, memory foam handles, and two large rubber wheels which roll silently. The large wheels made of hard rubber make it stand out against cheaper, plastic rollers. The included knee pads are comfortable and stay firmly in place even during intense use. The product’s lifetime warranty is a testament to its superior build quality and durability.

Fitness Master Pro Wheel

Light and easy to assemble plus built well with a steel bar, high-quality hard plastic and foam grips and most of all— insured by a five-year warranty. The wobble free and ergonomic design will have you enjoy using it. The inclusion of a thick foam knee pad makes it an attractive option at its price.

PharMeDoc’s Ab Roller

This is a durable wheel made of rubber and plastic. While it’s not the most comfortable with its rubber grips, it’s noted for its durability and ease of assembly from its four pieces. Its wheels don’t skid and it can easily support heavier people. A simple wheel designed to be portable and durable. Its rugged and understated design sets this one apart.

Ab Wheels by Tunalt Fitness

These are a unique set of two separate Dumbbell shaped, bright lime colored wheels. This increases their usability and allows you to perform a host of other exercises you couldn’t perform with other wheels. Since they come pre-assembled you don’t have to fidget with anything and can get straight to exercising after you watch the 13-minute instructional video by a trainer who shows you different techniques, from easy to hard. This makes these wheels a great choice for beginners and pros alike. Their quick and responsive support team ensures you are satisfied.

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