What Are the Benefits of Spinning?


A spinning workout is a great way to burn calories and stay fit. This type of workout requires the use of a stationary bike that includes various tension levels. The bike can also monitor your progress, which you can view through the monitor to keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Aside from burning calories, regular spinning can help you reap plenty of benefits.

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Burns Calories

Spinning for at least 45 minutes can already allow you to burn around 500 calories, which is higher when compared to many other types of exercise. The amount of calories you burn, however, depends on your workout intensity. This is where the stationary bike’s tension levels come in. You can choose to adjust your bike’s resistance, according to your desired intensity and workout goal. This way, you can burn more and lose all the unwanted body fat.

Boosts Endurance

Doing spinning workouts regularly can help you build cardiovascular endurance. This is beneficial if you always feel weak and start to pant even with minimal effort, such as climbing a flight of stairs. Increasing your endurance will help you become stronger, happier, and more producitive.

Tones Muscles

A good spinning workout can help you tone your muscles, especially your core and legs. This type of exercise focuses on your core muscles, thighs, and buttocks. If you want to built more muscle strength, then you can increase the tension level of the bike to mimic an uphill ride. Your calves and thighs work the hardest as you pedal, which is why regular spinning can give you toned legs.

Gives Low-Impact Exercise

Spinning is a low-impact workout. This means this type of exercise will not place pressure on your joints, especially your knees, unlike any other aerobic routines. Spinning workouts are recommended for those who have joint problems, like arthritis. This exercise is also a great cross-training option for athletes.

Reduces Stress

Exercise, in general, is a great way to relieve stress. It helps your body produce happy hormones to keep your energy level high. A spinning workout, however, lets you fight strress without having to go outdoors. Joining a spinning class will also allow you to socialize and meet new people, which can further improve your mood.

Lessens Risks of Injury

As mentioned earlier, spinning places less strain on your joints, and strengthening your leg muscles through this type of workout can help you reduce your risks of injury. Jogging and runnings are great alternatives, but may give you a higher chance of getting injured. It should be noted, however, that all workouts need a proper warmup and cool down. Doing so will help your muscles prepare for the exercise and recover faster, reducing your risks of injury.

Let's You Integrate Music

You can enjoy a spinning workout with good music. Spinning classes, specifically, allow you to maintain your cadence as you follow the beat of the playlist. Studies have shown that you workout harder when your routine is accompanied by a good set of music. Songs allow you to bring up your emotions, and push to your limit.

Has Adjustable Tempo

The stationary bike has adjustable tensions. You can choose to change the tension level before or during your spinning workout to achieve your fitness goals. If you join a spinning class, then your trainer can signal when you should change the tension.

Adjusting the tempo is another great way of beating boredom during exercise, allowing you to continue progressing and reaping the benefits. When you adjust the tempo, you can also help improve your endurance and increase your muscle strength, particularly in your legs.

Shows Your Progress

Most stationary bikes have devices that can track your workout progress. The more expensive models allow you to see the number of calories burned, your cadence, the distance that you have covered, as well as your heart rate. This feature is a great motivating factor, since you can see how far you have gone and how much you have improved.

Can Be Done Year-Round

While working out is sometimes better done outdoors, the weather can become unpleasant and hinder you from enjoy a good exercise. This is why joining a spinning class or purchasing your own stationary bike should be added to your workout options. You can accomplish your workout for the day without worrying about the weather, and your busy schedule.


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