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The Avocado Diet For Weight Loss Explained (5 Pounds in 3 Days)

By Holly / November 22, 2017

People who love avocadoes will surely rejoice when they learn about the fruit’s health benefits. It is not only delicious, but it also contains properties that can help you stay healthy and fit. Are you an avocado lover? Read on!

Benefits Of Avocado

Avocado contains B vitamins, good fats, and minerals that your body needs for proper functioning. This fruit only has 118kcal per 100 grams. Many people have successfully lost weight because of the avocado diet. This diet requires choosing the right avocadoes, since the ripe ones have a soft taste and they contain all the necessary components. It tastes a bit awful when eaten unripe.

Reduces triglycerides and cholesterol

This fruit helps lower LDL or the bad cholesterol, as well as plasma triglycerides. The bad cholesterol can reach your arterial walls and cause a heart attack or stroke. Having abnormally high levels of triglycerides can cause atherosclerosis, which may trigger diabetes. The fruit is rich in monounsaturated fat, and this is one of the reasons why it can lower your LDL. Studies have shown that it can also help improve good cholesterol levels in the blood.

Lowers risk of metabolic syndrome

A large waist circumference can be considered as a sign that you may have metabolic syndrome. It is the term given to a group of serious health conditions, like stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. This condition is linked directly to weight gain and a sedentary lifestyle. Regular consumption of avocadoes can boost your nutritional needs, reduce your waist line, and lower your risk of metabolic syndrome.

Makes you feel full for longer

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Avocadoes can help reduce appetite and increase satiety. Studies show that people who regularly eat avocado will experience feeling full for longer, and are more likely to avoid binge eating. This will help prevent consumption of sugar- and sodium-rich foods.

Reduces oxidative stress

Avocadoes can help lower oxidative stress in your body. Oxidative stress happens when there is an increase in the levels of reactive oxygen species in the body due to environmental stress, mental stress, unhealthy eating, diseases, and UV exposure. The oleic acid and antioxidants present in avocadoes can help lower oxidative stress, and reduce your risk of renal failure, heart disease, obesity, and DNA damage. This fruit can also help protect the lipids and proteins in the body. Avocado seeds, peel, and oil have also been found to have antioxidant properties that help boost cell function and metabolism.

Sample Avocado Diet Menu

You can lose up to five pounds in just three days because of the avocado diet. Each day of the diet plan will be similar to one another, meaning your daily caloric intake throughout the program will be pretty much the same. There is no need to skip your workout because you are on a diet. Below is a sample menu:


½ ripe avocado with natural yogurt or cottage cheese (fat-free). Make sure to choose low-fat dairy, because avocado already has tons of healthy fat.


Avocado salad (mix cubed avocados with boiled egg, cucumber, and greens) or whole-grain bread toast with avocado and cucumber.


100g of chicken or turkey meat or white fish, fat-free cottage cheese, ¼ thinly sliced avocado


Happy slimming! 🙂

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