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Thank you for reading my article! I am Holly Nunan, a mother of three daughters aged four, six and eight. I'm an Exercise Physiologist with a passion for exercise, fitness, raising healthy children and natural and alternative remedies. I have a simple mission to help each reader that comes to our website to take away one new piece of healthy information that they can immediately apply to their life. If I've helped you find that today, it's mission accomplished!

11 Butt Toning Exercises (With Pictures and Instructions)

By Holly / December 12, 2015

114 shares Share0 Pin114You’re a nice chick. You’re nice to people, they’re nice to you. Even when you see someone posting stupid stuff to Facebook you still give them a like and a friendly comment. Because you’re nice. But there’s always one bitch that riles you. You’re not giving her aaaaannnny love on social media at all. […]

Best Epilator on the Market | Complete 2017 Guide

By Holly / December 4, 2015

97 shares Pin97 Share0Hair-removal epilators are life-savers. They keep your skin smooth and hair-free for a longer time than shaving and waxing. It is a tiny, but powerful device that uses tweezers to lift every hair strand from its root in one pass. The tweezers, which come in either ceramic or metallic, rotate and pull […]

Best Trampolines | 2017 Safe Trampoline Reviews Guide

By Holly / December 1, 2015

The right trampoline can be one of your best purchases, something your kids can enjoy together for decades. Many different companies make trampolines in wildly different sizes, but they vary greatly in quality. Be willing to buy a model with a somewhat higher price range but never assume that top dollar means best quality. Trampoline […]

What is the Best (Legal) Energy Pill that Actually Works?

By Holly / November 30, 2015

In today’s fast paced world most people are scrambling just to keep up and there are dozens of products designed to help. Energy drinks, protein powders and dietary supplements all claim to help you function optimally on a little bit of sleep and accomplish whatever you need to get done.The Best Legal Energy Pill is…True […]

Best Over The Counter Prenatal Vitamins | OTC Vitamin Guide

By Holly / November 30, 2015

Prenatal vitamins are crucial to keeping you and your baby in optimal health throughout the pregnancy and reduce morning sickness and other first trimester unpleasantness. These vitamins can dramatically improve your pregnancy experience even if you already have a healthy diet. There may still be nutritional gaps you’re not aware of, often because so many […]

Apple & Onion Fat Burning Soup

By Holly / November 27, 2015

Apples are the second most popular fruit (second behind only bananas), with the average American consuming roughly 19 pounds of apples a year. While apples are available year-round, they are actually in season during the month of October as well as throughout the fall and winter months. By eating fruits and vegetables that are in […]

Hurom Juicer Review

By Holly / November 25, 2015

The Hurom Juicer. Is it the best juicer you can have? Here is our review. How does it work? Well, this brand is in fact a class of its own. It’s because the Hurom Juicer makes use of a patented LSTS (Low Speed Technology System) its methodolgy of extraction performs by pressing as well as masticating […]

How To Lose Chin Fat The Natural Way (7 Exercises with Pictures)

By Holly / November 25, 2015

2.1K shares Pin2.1K Share1Chin fat can be annoying, especially if you love doing selfies. Thankfully, you can get rid of it without going under the knife.BUT…… Let’s get real for a second…If you think that losing face and chin fat is going to be achieved with just a few funky face exercises, you’re in for […]

Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss

By Holly / November 24, 2015

Share0 Tweet0 Pin0 1. Apple CrispA very sweet and kid-friendly juice that you will surely love if you’re new to juicing. As you juice more, you will find this juice recipe to be a bit too sweet for you. If you want, simply add more celery in place of an apple or 2. Find out […]

15 Habits Fit Chicks Focus On

By Holly / November 24, 2015

0 shares Pin0 Share0 Women who live a healthy and fit lifestyle tend to have a common behavior and mentality that sets them apart from those who are sedentary. These ladies did not achieve their fitness and health goals overnight. They did it with determination and passion. If you want to know what they do […]

What Is The Best Tens Unit For Personal Use?

By Holly / November 24, 2015

146 shares Pin144 Share2The TENS, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a device used to address nerve-related pain conditions. It utilizes electrical current to stimulate the nerves for healing benefits. The devices offer quick relief for acute and chronic pain. They are also portable and you can take them with you wherever you […]

INSANITY Base Kit – DVD Workout Review

By Holly / November 24, 2015

The workout program Insanity is exactly what it sounds like: absolute madness. If you’ve tried a plethora of workout regimes before and they didn’t work for you, then this may be a great option for you, however, if P90X was too tough for you, Insanity will be worse and that’s a fact.What’s Insanity?Created by Shaun […]

P90X DVD Workout – Base Kit Review

By Holly / November 24, 2015

Since the winter is approaching and so are the holidays filled with yummy food, you may be wondering if you should try your hand at P90x to help stay in shape this holiday season. At the end, you won’t be feeling guilty about shoving your face with your favorite pie made from your grandma. If you’ve […]

Best Pressure Cooker Reviews Guide 2017

By Holly / November 23, 2015

1 shares Share1 Pin0If you are serious about preparing nutritious and healthy meals home cooked meals for you and your family, it goes without saying that you need to have the best pressure cooker in your kitchen. Compared to the only other alternative – stove top cooking, pressure cookers require less liquids and are faster as […]

Weight Loss Shakes Are The Best Menopause Supplements

By Holly / November 19, 2015

Whether you use weight loss shakes or take the best menopause supplements, women often have a hard time managing weight problems during the difficult age of menopause. Not only are they suffering from all kind of pains and behavioral changes, but they also begin to put on weight. It is a difficult time for a […]

10 At-Home Weight Loss Tips

By Holly / November 18, 2015

Losing weight doesn’t have to be incredibly confusing. It’s all about educating yourself so you understand that simple lifestyle changes can produce significant results! Here are 10 simple steps that you can implement to start your own lifestyle change!1. Stable SleepGetting 6.5-8.5 hours of sleep a night is helpful for processing memories, brain health and […]

Best Massage Chair Reviews Guide 2017

By Holly / November 17, 2015

6 shares Share1 Pin5You may have experienced going home from work with stiff shoulder, back and leg muscles. The level of discomfort can hinder your productivity, and a massage can often fix the situation. While a professional massage can help you get relief from your muscular pain, but this option is not always possible or […]

Best Foot Massagers On the Market

By Holly / November 17, 2015

0 shares Share0 Pin0Your feet are one of the most used body parts. You use them when you go to work, when you run to lose weight, when you drive, and more. This is perhaps one of the reasons why stress appears to build up the most in your feet, but a relaxing foot massage […]

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