What Is Upcoming Health?

When it comes to living a healthy life, it seems like there are countless sources and people telling you how to do it the right way. How do you know who to listen to? It is exhausting. Here at UpcomingHealth.com, our team does our best to provide our readers with the latest and easiest to understand healthy lifestyle tips. We don’t claim to be experts, just a group of motivated individuals who care about the world being a more educated and healthy place. We have all seen results without putting thousands of dollars into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are simple steps you can take that will end up making a HUGE difference in your life.

Though there are tons of different ways to live a healthier life, it comes down to what works best for you – there is no perfect, universal formula.

Who We Are

Our team of writers covers a variety of topics that we think will be of value to everyone. Weight loss tips, meal plans, fitness plans, healthy recipes, and healthy lifestyle topics – we are avid about it all. If there is something that you would like us to cover, feel free to contact us and let us know! We are always open to suggestions and happy to help out our readers.

Meet The Team

tylerTyler Cooper

Tyler Cooper was born and raised a vegetarian and has been a huge advocate of healthy living for as long as he can remember. Tyler is the lead contributor here to UpcomingHealth.com and also runs a leading blender website, BlenderBase.com.

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OliviaJohansonOlivia Johanson

Home remedy passionista, day time raising her two young children, freelance writer and health blogger by night. Olivia’s main online home is EveryHomeRemedy.com where she writes about all things natural, herbal and home remedies!

book-hollyHolly Nunan

Holly Nunan is an Exercise Physiologist, mother of three and health blogger. Holly is also a children’s book author and parenting expert. When she’s not writing or blogging over at HollyNunan.com, you will probably find her at the gym!