9 Fantastic Foods for Weight Loss

9 fantastic foods for weight loss

Obesity is a huge problem in our nation. Left unchecked, it can bring about many undesirable side effects such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Being overweight can also bring about negative psychological effects and impact your overall well being.

Coming up we talk about three important food groups you should be eating regularly to lose weight effectively, along with three tasty examples of each to try.

Grains are Good

Whole grains have a secret that helps you lose weight - your body has to burn twice as many calories to break them down compared to processed food, and it takes twice as long to do it. Make sure you avoid refined whole grains because these don't have any of the same benefits as unrefined ones and are far less healthy.

Not only are whole grains excellent for assisting weight loss, they have many nutritional benefits such as being rich in protein, antioxidants, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. They support healthy digestion, prevent constipation, raise your metabolism and even help protect you against many diseases.


1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is made up of complex carbohydrates which make it so effective for weight loss. Complex carbohydrates keep you feeling fuller for longer and your energy levels high. Oatmeal is also rich in protein which means it's useful for building strength and lowering body fat. It also stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol. All in all, oatmeal is a great choice but make sure you avoid oats containing added sugar.

2. Brown Rice

Brown rice is excellent for assisting weight loss and is highly nutritious compared to white rice. It contains vitamin E, selenium, magnesium, manganese and is high in fiber. Brown rice also keeps you feeling fuller for longer and is a very versatile food. It can be added to all sorts of dishes like soups, stews and pilafs.

3. Barley

Barley has one of the highest fiber contents of all the whole grains and is especially good for digestion and promoting regular bowel movements. Barley is high in antioxidants and helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. It's a great addition to your diet and can also be added to soups, salads and many other meals.

Get Fruity

Not only is fruit vital for good nutrition, it can also help you lose weight efficiently. People who regularly eat fruit are less likely to gain weight. There are two reasons for this; Firstly, fruit helps you control your calorie intake whilst giving you the important nutrients that your body really needs. Secondly, fruit also adds bulk to your diet and fills you up quickly, meaning you overeat less.

Three great fruits to help you shed those extra pounds:


Three Great Fruits To Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds

4. Berries

We can't talk about fruits for weight loss without mentioning berries. Berries are wonder fruits and provide you with minimal amounts of carbohydrates and fairly low amounts of sugar in comparison to other fruits. Berries are also extremely rich in many important nutrients and promote good all round health. Eat berries on their own as a tasty snack or add them to your fruit salad or yogurt.

5. Coconut

Coconuts contain a medium chain fatty acid (MCFA) that helps the liver perform more effectively by nearly 30%. It also improves the functioning of the thyroid gland. Coconut is great at keeping your stomach feeling fuller for longer and preventing hunger pangs occurring. All forms of coconut contain MCFAs, whether it's coconut flour, milk or shredded. Take your pick!

6. Grapefruit

There is a special antioxidant in grapefruit called naringenin that helps to stabilize the hormone insulin, helping to prevent weight gain. As well as containing naringenin, grapefruits have a high water content to assist with feeling full, and they're also very low in calories. They are a excellent fruit to add to your diet, with many health benefits.

Love Your Vegetables

It's probably no surprise that vegetables are next, but do you know the reasons why vegetables are so effective at helping you lose weight? Let's take a quick look:

  1. Vegetables are heavy compared to the number of kilojoules they contain They give you high amounts of energy, yet they are low in calories and rich in fiber.
  2. Their high water content not only helps with weight loss because they make you feel fuller for longer, but they can help prevent dehydration that commonly occurs from a weight loss regime.
  3. As an added bonus they also contain many disease fighting vitamins.

Three Fat Busting Veggies To Frequently

Tuck Into

7. Beans

Beans are packed with protein and fiber and they're great at satiating hunger and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. The high protein content in beans also helps maintain stable energy and sugar levels, meaning cravings are easier to control. Eat beans throughout the day to control your hunger cravings.

8. Spinach

Spinach on white close up

Spinach is excellent at preventing water retention and is an amazing vegetable for weight loss. It contains a wealth of nutrients including iron, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and thiamine. Spinach helps to strengthen muscles and improves blood pressure and your neurological health. It can be eaten raw or cooked lightly and is a worthwhile addition to your diet.

9. Cucumber

One of the very best low calorie foods for weight loss is cucumber. As well as being low in calories, it contains very high amounts of water, meaning you can lots of it with no fear of gaining any weight. Cucumber is also full of nutrients, and is good for soothing the skin and swellings. Eat it on it's own, add it to salads or even juice it.

We've talked about the benefits of grains, fruit and vegetables in helping you lose weight, and given you nine examples of excellent foods from these three groups to add to your diet. Experiment with different combinations from these food groups and watch your waist line shrink downwards. Make the right food choices and before you know it you will be feeling a much fitter and healthier you!


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