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Why The 8 Hour Diet Is The Weight Loss Diet You’ve Always Wanted

By Holly / November 24, 2017

8 Hour Diet Review

David Zinczenko is the writer of several diet and fitness books and one of his books that appealed to many dieters is about the 8-hour diet. Far from just focusing on the types of food that should be eaten, this diet is centered on the principle of intermittent fasting. It’s an easy to understand eating plan that allows you to enjoy a greater variety of foods during a certain time while giving you more flexibility on when to fast or refrain from eating. Many dieters have reported losing several pounds while using this program and as a weight loss method, it does have some basis for success.

What is the 8 hour diet?

According to this diet, you will be having your meals and snacks for an eight hour period during your day and fasting for the other 16 hours. You will be doing this for three days of the week and you can choose any part of your day to schedule your eight hour period at whatever time suits you best. Any food you like may be eaten as long as it’s within the eight hours and there are no foods to be avoided. Some foods, labeled as powerfoods, are recommended, however, because of their nutrients and ability to increase your weight loss. A few of these powerfoods are lean meats, nuts, beans, berries, green, leafy vegetables and whole grains.

Although you’ll be fasting for 16 hours, you will still need to stay hydrated so it’s important that you continue to constantly drink water. Aside from water, there are some other drinks permitted during your fast such as tea and coffee, as long as your beverages are calorie-free and don’t contain any sugar. The book also outlines exercise routines as part of this plan but the exercise to be incorporated into your daily activities should only be for eight minutes.

Semple 8 Hour Diet Eating Plan

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What are its pros and cons?


One of the best ways to lose weight is to reduce the calories from your food that your body takes in. Since you’re limiting your eating to only a few hours per day instead of eating the whole day, you’ll essentially be consuming less calories than you would normally. This diet also appeals to many people because you are not required to deprive yourself of specific foods. A lot of dieters end up abandoning their diet because of the difficulty of staying off forbidden foods and due to the cravings that they eventually give in to. This diet is also ideal for people who tend to over-eat because they like snacking or eating while doing something such as watching TV.


One distinct drawback of this diet is that without restriction, dieters can eat whatever they like during the eight hour period and they might end up still choosing unhealthy food or empty calories. It would be best if dieters will eat more of the healthy powerfoods which are recommended but this is not always the case. Another disadvantage is that some dieters might likely give up on their diet if they feel hungry enough even when it’s during their 16 hour fasting period. Last, but most importantly, fasting is not safe for everyone and should be avoided by those with health conditions.

Does the 8 hour diet work?

Fasting, even when done intermittently, is an excellent technique for losing weight. However, it will be even more effective if, during your allowed eating period, you do your best to eat healthy alternatives such as whole grains, lean protein and vegetables. If you have health concerns, though, and are likely to feel weak and dizzy when you fast, consult with your doctor first if this is safe for you.

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