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8 DIY Home Exercises To Make Your Boobs Perkier

By Holly / October 12, 2015

Seriously, how the heck do some women with what seems like 400 kids and a well hidden age keep their boobs so perky :-)? It’s enough to drive people nuts.

And if it drives you nuts too, you’re in luck as we’ve sifted through every resource, review, and testimony we could find to discover the secret to perky boobs.

Unfortunately, the answer is not found in a bra, in fact wearing a bra has been shown to contribute to sagging breasts.

Guess what we found out?

There is no secret. Yeah, it is pretty depressing. We can do our best to blame genetics but the truth is, preventing saggy boobs, or helping the ladies become more perky take a little bit of effort.

How to make Your Breasts Perkier

Muscle targeting exercises

Yuck, that does not sound like fun at all. But if it means a sexier chest, we will do it right? And the added benefits to your health will surely keep you motivated to plan these workouts into your schedule. Here are 8 do-it-yourself exercises that will make your boobs perkier.

1. Chest Flys

To get into the appropriate position, you can either use a bench or the floor. Lay on your back and bring your knees up. If you can, create a 90 degree angle with your body so that you can specifically target your upper chest muscles. With two light weight dumbbells in your hands, keeping your arms straight out, try to bring your hands together with your elbows completely pointed out. If it is too difficult drop weight or practice without weights.

2. Push Ups

You already know how to do these right? If you have to, start by pushing up from your knees instead. Make sure to keep your hands at least shoulder width apart to target the muscles that are going to lift your breasts when tightened.

3. T Plank

Placing two dumbbells parallel on the ground, get in a push up position. Slowly alternate raising dumbbells while rotating body upward. This is going to stretch out and tighten that muscle between your shoulder and chest.

4. C Sweep

C SweepImage from pinterest.com

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Using dumbbells, lay down and extend your arms above your head. Grasp the weights and lift them in front of your face (without dropping them). Do your best to keep your elbows straight so that you can really tighten your upper chest.

5. Shoulder Press

This is another dumbbell exercise so if you do not have any, get some from the local sports store or order them online. Standing up and keeping your elbow aligned with your chest, push the dumbbells up in the air slowly. You will definitely feel the burn on this one, bit it is all for good cause so keep pushing yourself to the limit!

6. Arm Resistance

You can either use an elastic exercise band or your own hands. Put your arms in front of you and pull them outwards either using your band or own strength for resistance.

7. Shoulder Rotations

Shoulder RotationsImage from thefitindian.com

Using a single weight, extend your elbow and create large circles. You should try to make the circle start and end aligned with the center of your chest.

8. Ab Planks


Yep, these! Get in a pushup position and use your elbows to hold yourself up. Keep you arms inline with your body and hold the position as long as you can!

Now Do It!

It seems like a lot, and you might get worn out by doing the same exercises over and over. However, you can easily make it more interesting. If you are REALLY dedicated to making your boobs perkier do all of these exercises with a raised chin. You will notice a wider targeted muscle group and increased difficulty, yay!

Working on your posture is another great way to bring a lift to your breasts. In any case, you should be standing tall anyways, you are beautiful! That does not mean you do not want a sexier chest though, so commit to these exercises between 3 and 5 times a week to get QUICK results. Good luck!

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Best exercises for perky boobs that can be performed with dumbbells, resistance bands and bodyweight only!

We have sifted through every resource to discover the secret to perky boobs... and here they are... The best perky boob exercises ever!

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