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The 25 Best Blogs To Follow On Your Weight Loss Journey

By Holly / August 8, 2016

If you are looking to lose weight, you’re certainly not alone. You’ve probably read or heard the statistics about obesity and the high percentage of the population in the developed nations are is struggling with carrying excess weight.

Here at Upcoming Health alone, we get anywhere from 100,000 to 140,000 people per month view our various weight loss related articles.

Of course, we’re far from the only online destination for reliable weight loss advice, so we scoured through hundreds of health, fitness and weight loss-related blogs to come up with a list The 25 Best Blogs To Follow On Your Weight Loss Journey.

Just a note that the order below does not represent any particular rating from 1 to 25 – All these bloggers are fantastic! Let’s take a look at 25 of the best weight loss bloggers to follow on your weight loss journey

Best Weight Loss Blogs 2016


1. Roni’s Weigh

Roni is the owner of Roni’s Weigh blog. Aside from being a mom, wife and wanna-be photographer, Roni is an author, event organizer and speaker at events (busy!). She did this before creating her own blog which she now considers as her full-time profession.

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Jackie2. Fatso: A Weight Loss Blog

Jackie is an English professor and blogs about weight loss. With posts that are blasts to read, she urges overweight individuals to follow the road to being fit.


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january3. The Covenant Diet

January writes on her blog with gusto and documents her journey from food cravings to living free of food addiction. She joined Overeaters Anonymous and traced her way back to God in order to overcome her insatiable desire and cravings for food.

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EmilyHo4. Authentically Emmie

Emily started this body positive fitness and plus size fashion blog to show plus-sized women how to love themselves. She knows that every woman something to show and can still look stunning and fashionable, regardless of size.

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misty5. My Plus Size Confessions

Misty has had several ups and downs on her weight loss journey and started blogging about her experiences. She suffered from pulmonary edema and several pulmonary embolisms four years ago caused by excessive fluid in her body—nearly fatal.

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xtine6. Xtine Danielle

Christine’s blog is about how she has overcome a brain stem surgery which led to where she is today. She started writing in 2012 to motivate her way out of the situation and to move on towards the road to emotional recovery.

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 Jess7. Too Big

Jess has motivational podcasts in his blog that can help people to realize improved health.He is a dad, a husband, and a wannabe professional poker player among other things.

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evette8. Losing My Fat Lovingly

In Evette’s personal weight loss blog, she moves readers with her words; as reported by many of her readers. The blog is a means of sharing her path of discovery and life-defining moments.

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Skinny Hollie9. Skinny Hollie

Hollie is an inspiring individual who owns one of the great weight loss blogs. She is considered by many as an inspiring writer, as she helps transform individuals to become the best and healthiest versions of themselves.

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Amanda10. Raising the Shakes

Amanda owns and writes for her blog that covers health & fitness, positive body image, and motherhood. She speaks openly about her advocacies and posts about how she struggled with depression and how she fought her demons.

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Julie11. The Weight of My Weight

Julie is a healthy living and weight loss champion blogger who, like so many individuals out there, struggled with unstable weight condition. She understands that it takes time to reach the ideal weight as she experienced that too.

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Dannii12. Hungry Healthy Happy

This blog is all about food, fitness, and happiness and Dannii writes from the heart. She provides delicious recipes that target weight loss goals, so if you are looking for a blog with great recipes, from someone who has lost the weight, try Hungry Healthy Happy!

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Abby13. Back At Square Zero

Running, racing and motivation keep Abby at pace with the world. She wears many hats and among them is being a teacher, running coach, a social media influencer, and she writes about them all – quite a task!

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doublechindiary14. Double Chin Diary

This site is a humor weight loss and healthy living blog penned by two sisters Alyssa and April.  They cover the serious topic of weight loss and improving health in an often light-hearted manner, which is a great mindset to take on your weight loss journey.

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priorfatgirl15. Prior Fat Girl

There is certainly no sugar coating it at Prior Fat Girl, created by Jen. Jen is a stand out when it comes to her favorite topics like weight loss and other related stories. If you’re looking to become a prior fat girl, head over to Prior Fat Girl!

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kristen grimes16. The Pursuit of a Quality Life

Kristen talks about the adventures of a 42-year-old woman used to be overweight and planned and decided to lose weight by means of running and telling the world about it. Running was never close to her heart but Kristen found out later on that she in fact liked it!

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dustin17. The Flexible Baker

Dustin is a fitness and weight loss blogger who used to be heavy in his early years in life. One day, he took on lifting weights, crossfit, and many other exercises and slowly, he began to shed off those unwanted pounds.

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Erika Nicole18. A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

Everything Erika has learned while on her natural weight loss journey is here. She tells you how she became a trainer and nutritionist after taking on her mother’s wish to let go of her excess pounds.

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Jade19. JadeIsabelle.com

Jade is based in Singapore and has blogged about weight loss for quite a time and makes a worthy addition to our top 25 list. She considers herself as a beneholic, Chanel addict and many more merchandise addict rolled into one!

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Mary20. A Merry Life

Mary lives in Memphis, TN and started blogging since age 13. She started blogging as a self-motivation and from a weight loss blog, it took a slightly different form without taking away her original goal.

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Shelley21. My Journey to Fit

This blog was created on the same day Shelley decided to put an end to eating the wrong diet. After undergoing an ankle surgery, she gained extra pounds which she successfully threw out of the window. Now, she’s writing about how she did that!


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Kelly22. No Thanks to Cake 

Kelly started blogging in 2010 to kickstart a life-changing adventure on the path to weight loss.  She took on the Jenny Craig Program and saw that it was a good fit for her—now, she writes about her experiences.

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Jena23. Jena La Flamme

Jena struggled ate compulsively and binged, and sometimes took steps to deprive herself of food. Her commitment to health became stronger and saw that it was time to reveal what really happened to her during these challenges.

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drewmanning24. Fit2Fat2Fit

Drew made an experiment of himself. He has gone from fit to fat and then back to being fit again, gaining notoriety in the process. This personal trainer shows his readers and followers that nothing is impossible; like you have it, lost it, you can still get back to your best form.

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Jen125. The Fit Housewife: Your Specialty Weight Loss Blog

This blogger has suffered so much and thought she needed to do something to regain back her self-confidence. A mother of 3 boys, Jen was introduced to Beachbody workout by a friend and the rest is history.

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Reading is one thing, acting is another…

If you’re in the position of looking to lose weight then we highly recommend jumping on the coattails of some of the fantastic bloggers above. Whether you need help with your exercise, food intake, lifestyle, mindset or all of the above, these 25 bloggers can help you get to yoru goal weight. Take a few seconds now to follow a few of your favourites from above to be sure that you never miss an article!

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