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25 Beauty Bloggers To Follow On Pinterest… NOW!

By Holly / August 4, 2016

Beauty topics + Pinterest is a perfect combination. Pinterest is full of fantastic tips, tutorials and ideas related to beauty. And further to that, there are hundreds of amazing beauty bloggers that are active on Pinterest and can be your go-to source for the latest beauty tips and info.

In saying that, wouldn’t it be nice to just have a handy list of beauty bloggers to follow? Well, it sure would and you’re in luck because we have exactly that list for you today!

Below are 25 amazingly-talented beauty bloggers that we have hand-picked for our list of the top 25 to follow on Pinterest. We’ve included a range of bloggers, with some focussing on beauty products, other on hair care, some are more aligned to food and healthy lifestyle. All in all, these bloggers have a wealth of information to offer on inner and outer beauty.

They are listed in no particular order – because how could we split them? They’re all awesome ūüôā

Let’s take a look at the list and be sure to follow them right now in Pinterest!

25 Beauty Bloggers To Follow On Pinterest

1. The Makeup Blogger

the makeup blogger

The Makeup Blogger is where women can talk about the complexities of beauty. It helps to shed light on the nuances and intricacies which makes women interesting, complicated and most of all‚ÄĒexquisite. With makeup as a tool, it walks the fine line that separates the aspirational and authentic.

Pinterest Followers: 18,600+

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2. Seriously Natural

Seriously NaturalSabrina is a freelance writer, Editor-In-Chief and creator of the natural hair, beauty and style blog Seriously Natural. As a full-time blogger, she was featured on Natural Hair Ruless!!!, BlogHer, Black Girl Long Hair. She is happily married with two teenage daughters.

Pinterest Followers: 8,800+

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3.¬†In Sonnet’s Kitchen

Sonnet LaubertSonnet Laubert is a writer, a certified Holistic Health Coach and a food blogger who is into wellness, health, local and seasonal eating, and‚ÄĒnatural beauty. She is based in Seattle, Washington and have two adorable black cats who are sometimes featured on her blog.

Pinterest Followers: 5,500

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4. Black Girl with Long Hair

Black girl long hairBGLH is owned by Leila Noelliste and among the highest-traffic websites that cater to black women 18 ‚Äď 34 of age. It has around 2.6 million visits/per month and over 4 million page views. With a culturally diverse writing team, it provides unique insight to the different facts of the black woman culture.

Pinterest Followers: 80,400+

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5. Nikmakeupjunkie

nikmakeupjunkieNikki Ash is 29 years old, married, a blogger, and obsessed with hair, tattoos, makeup, and fashion. She’s a web design intern who also dabbles in social media and looking to work freelance. Married for over 5 years now, she also loves animals and of course, her beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog.

Pinterest Followers: 1,600+

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6. Makeup Obsessed Mom

makeup obsessed momStacie Ann is a young mom who manages her blog with passion and talks about beauty products, and  makeup. She also dabbles in jewelry, sunscreen, and shopping, and provides tips for those who need them. She adores long walks, lattes, pizza, green tea and anything that has a tinge of pink.

Pinterest Followers: 2,000+

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7. 15MinuteBeauty.com

15minbeautyChristine is a PICU doc and a beauty blogger on the side. She claims to be an eternal product junkie and has tried different beauty products since high school. All that was new gave her a reason to test and it ranged from Skin Care, Makeup, and just about everything a woman wants to have on their beauty kits.

Pinterest Followers: 55,000+

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8.  Collective Beauty Blog

Collective Beauty BlogJulie A is a beauty and makeup blogger, obsessed with blush and head over heels with skincare! She is a DIY fanatic, a mom, a clean eater, and a fruit smoothie lover. Her blog is is a perfect site for beauty chats and makeup reviews. Julie answers all queries about what she’s preaching so you better be ready to ask her anything.

Pinterest Followers: 1,600+

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9. Crazy Beautiful Makeup

crazy beautiful makeupCrazy Beautiful Makeup is owned and managed by makeup artist, vegan, blogger, animal rescuer cum coffee lover heather. This all-around Florida-trained artist loves the classic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  and many others and so as the outdoors during her free time.

Pinterest Followers: 750+

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10. Makeup Life and Love

makeuplifelove.comMakeup Life and Love is a blog that tells about the adventures of a makeup and product buff. Owned and managed by Jamie, it also has her as editor and chief beauty expert where she reports her latest findings and encounters with her fave tools and writes about anything that speaks about beauty.

Pinterest Followers: 3,200

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11. Beauty411

beauty411Beauty411 is a social media influencer that serves to inspire women and inform them about the latest beauty and fashion products. It offers product review requests, giveaways, and sponsored/paid campaigns. Also a #FitFluential Ambassador, you can learn while you indulge in a lot of opportunities.

Pinterest Followers: 53,000+

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12. Perilously Pale 

Perilously paleProfessional makeup artist Christa is the editor of PerilouslyPale.com and founded it as a creative outlet for her love of the beauty industry. She thought that beauty websites featuring fair skin makeup are few, thus, her plans came to fruition. The website has expanded and collaborates with top lifestyle and beauty brands.

Pinterest Followers: 2,100+

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13.  Phyrra

phyrraCourtney is the rock star behind the Phyrra blog. A writer and a beauty addict, she shares honest reviews, tips, how-to‚Äôs, and many more. ¬†She can expertly guide you in finding the right brands to help you save on money as well as time. From hair, makeup to nail polish‚ÄĒshe does it well and better!

Pinterest Followers: 49,700+

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14. I Know All the Words

IknowllathewordsBailey is a thirty-ish living in Ontario, Canada and took up Library and Information Sciences and Adult Education/Literacy fields. Currently a self-employed blogger, she indulges in trying on different nail polish, reads, paints and draws, and collects vinyl records.

Pinterest Followers: 800+

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15. Beauty and Fashion Tech 

beautyandfashiontechNews, information and reviews of cosmetics, skin care, and beauty products, as well as fashion accessories are staples at the Beauty and Fashion Tech blog. Posts are written and published by an Illinois lawyer and writer by the name of Carleen; a good respite from the more serious legal matters.

Pinterest Followers: 22,400+

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16. Norah Loves Makeup

norahlovesmakeupNorah Salazar is a makeup artist who blogs about beauty and makeup. She delivers opinions based on her artistic perspective. She took up formal training on makeup in London, Singapore, and the UK. Norah is a freelance artist and caters to celebrities and private clients, collaborated on fashion, print, video and editorials.

Pinterest Followers: 3,700+

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17. Viva Woman

vivawomanViva Woman is a Singapore beauty blog focusing on natural skin care and holistic living. Headed by Sesame, it offers skin care tips, green product reviews, ingredient analysis, recommendations, and also DIY beauty fixes, clean food recipes, and K-beauty. This site is a recipient of several awards in 2015 and back, the recent of which is Top 5 Beauty Blogs 2015 according to Blog Rank.

Pinterest Followers: 8,300+

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18. Beauty By Britanie

beautybybritanieNatural beauty, holistic healing plus lifestyle spells this blog owned and managed by Britanie Faith. She is a well-known advocate of natural beauty, wellness enthusiast, photographer, and a makeup artist. She reviews the best natural and organic skincare, eco-friendly products, fashion, home remedies, alternative health options, and personal life musings.

Pinterest Followers: 2,000+

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19. Organic Beauty Talk

organicbeautytalkOrganic Beauty Talk let’s you know what your cosmetic products contain. Founder Brandie Gilliam helps you connect with brands that offer the best organic, natural and eco-friendly results. The blog commits to helping you live life more simply because it’s better for your health and well-being.

Pinterest Followers: 3,100+

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20. Glamorganic Goddess

glamorganicgoddessThe Glamorganic Goddess is a healthy beauty and lifestyle site owned and written by Danielle Messina, a young and sassy former pro figure skater and breast cancer survivor with the drive to help in finding the solution to your issues. Her encounter with the disease urged her to examine what she eats and her lifestyle choices.

Pinterest Followers: 2,400+

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21. Tips for Natural Beauty

natural beauty tipsDima Al Mahsiri dedicates her website to provide the best in beauty advice, information on organic products, and also skin and hair care tips and merchandise. She also shares helpful eBook and product reviews. This natural beauty products site also has giveaways for regular visitors and who knows you could be one of them?

Pinterest Followers: 2,500+

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22. Well Beauty Blog

WellBeautyCori is your typical gal who loves beauty products, good food, and staying healthy. A registered dietician, she eats all-natural food, fresh vegetables and fruits but also human enough to indulge in occasional treats. Her blog is devoted to organic and natural health, beauty, and wellness and that includes eco-friendly living all throughout.

Pinterest Followers: 500+

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23. Real Food Liz

realfoodlizLiz Wolfe is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), best-selling author at eatheyolks.com, and a food, fertility and natural skincare addict. She shares everything she knows through her practice, her books, podcasts, and this website to reveal the myths and truths about food.

Pinterest Followers:  5,000+

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24. The Green Product Junkie

Green Product JunkieKatie is a native New Yorker who always loved makeup and skincare. She offers reviewing non-toxic, organic and green products for interested parties and would be glad to answer questions with regards to conventional skincare and makeup ingredients.

Pinterest Followers: 1,400+

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25. Mademoiselle Nature

Mademoiselle NatureAudrey has a PhD in Biochemistry/Cell Biology and for a few years worked in Cancer research. She did a bit of Organic chemistry which proved helpful in understanding molecular structures and how they react in various environments. Beauty and blogging is another thing. This is where we shares her information and findings with others.

Pinterest Followers: 500+

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Summing Up

There you have it, 25 amazing beauty bloggers you can start following from today. Be sure to scroll back up and follow some now ūüôā

About the author


Thank you for reading my article! I am Holly Nunan, a mother of three daughters aged four, six and eight. I'm an Exercise Physiologist with a passion for exercise, fitness, raising healthy children and natural and alternative remedies. I have a simple mission to help each reader that comes to our website to take away one new piece of healthy information that they can immediately apply to their life. If I've helped you find that today, it's mission accomplished!