16 Home Gym Must-Haves Under $40


    Keeping healthy doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and if you're looking to set up a home gym, check out these 10 must-have gym equipment for under $40.

    1. SPRI The Original Xertube Resistance Bands. ($14.98-$18.98)

    Looking for a good weightlifting machine at home without breaking the bank? Resistance bands works each muscle group in one’s body and develops your strength. However, be wary of those cheap versions that may snap or break anytime! Most highly recommended are from the SPRI brand. Made of high quality materials and equally affordable too, it won’t cost you an arm and leg especially for newbies! You can begin with red or green Xertube then you could work your way up.

    2. Gaiam Premium Plum Jam 2-Color Yoga Mat. ($29.98)

    Aside from yoga, your yoga mats can also benefit you by having an added cushion throughout floor exercises. But you don’t need a very pricey mat for those. The Gaiam Premium Plum Jam 2-Color Yoga Mat at almost $30 is ideal when your sweat begins to drop, since it contains a non-slip surface, not to mention that you’ll have the option to mix colors since it is double-sided.

    3. GoFit Gravity Straps. ($31.99). ($29.98)

    These GoFit Gravity Straps attach to your doorframe and gives a total body workout just by using your own bodyweight.

    4. Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit ($21.98)

    You need those exercise balls or stability balls when the workout calls for it. For easy lunges, try to lunge with your back foot elevated on the ball. If you want to do planks, a stability ball forearm plank does the trick for an extra challenge. The Gaiam Balance Ball is a fantastic at-home alternative since it’s made of top quality materials and wiiill not burst in the middle of your routines, plus, it comes with a workout DVD and its own pump.

    5. Gold’s Gym Speed Jump Rope. ($6.99)

    Use Gold’s Gym Speed Jump Rope for an awesome cardio workout whilst varying the kinds of jumps to get your heart rate beating fast. Yes, all of those for just less than $7.

    6. C9 Neoprene hand Weights. ($3.49- $15.99)

    Hand weights are the easiest equipment to own since it’s easy to exercise with them with whatever you’re doing--watching TV, etc. Aside from that, almost each fitness DVD necessitates a set of your own. If you’re already on an advanced level, then you could buy yourself an 8-lb and a 10-lb set; if you’re just a neophyte, a 5-lb and 8-lb weights is highly recommended.

    7. Fitness Gear 6 lb Medicine Ball. ($36.98). ($3.49- $15.99)

    Medicine balls are very handy and essential to home gyms! You can do cardio to strength training, and it’s best to incorporate it in one’s circuit routines.

    8. SPRI Xerdisc Balance Disc. ($34.98)

    Simply place your hands on the wobbly cushion when you do push ups and you could stand up on top of it if you perform squats for a tougher challenge.

    9. Total Gym Exercise Chart ($14.95 )

    This is a new and much improved exercise chart featuring 35 Total Gym exercises. Utilize this extremely easy to use exercise chart as your quick guide throughout your Total Gym workout.

    10. Ollieroo® Doorway Chin up Pull up Bar Home Gym Health & Fitness Exercise Trainer Machine ($20.99)

    Can support weight even up to 200 lbs, this is excellent some aerobic conditioning--you can mount it low for sit-up, or mount it up for chin-up exercises. What’s more, it comes with a heavy-duty chrome plated steel bar with comfy foam grips that are secured into the bar in order to lessen the hand fatigue.

    11. Wacces New Set of 5 High Quality Covered Resistance Bands with Door Anchor ($18.95)

    All the bands that is included in the set measures up to 48 inches. It also has cushioned foam handles to help you have a comfortable and secure grip. It also comes with a door anchor so you can bring it in any part of the house.

    12. Inred Dual Ab Wheel ($9.50)

    It has easy-grip handles to stop you from slipping. Expect 2 non-skid wheels for a more stabilize position. It can help tone and strengthen your arms, back and shoulder.

    13. Luxfit Premium High Density Foam Roller ($9.99)

    It offers optimum strength and can stand any workout environment by gym owners and trainers due to its durability at a good price. It is perfect for people who want to develop their core, stamina and lower body balance. Self mobilization of spine and joints by gentle stretching can also be reaped as benefits.

    14. Gonge Cubes with Actions Numbers Fitness Dance ($13.99)

    It features 4 inches of soft fleece filling and orange cover. Roll the 2 dice and perform the function accordingly.

    15. 100 No-Equipment Workouts Book ($16.84)

    This paperback book is perfect for everyone who wants to get fit, stay active, shed extra weight or build and tone muscles. No equipment is needed for performing these exercises. Because of the different workouts, your muscles will not get used to the same routine which means that you will not get bored easily.

    16. Tone Fitness 20-Pound Hourglass Shaped Dumbbell Set ($23.50)

    The neoprene dumbbell set is perfect to add to any strength training program. You can develop your body build-up, strength, walking performance and bone density. The “hour glass” shape gives it a stylish look. Due to its neoprene coating, easy grip is provided and shield your floors from scuffing.


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