15 Habits Fit Chicks Focus On


Women who live a healthy and fit lifestyle tend to have a common behavior and mentality that sets them apart from those who are sedentary. These ladies did not achieve their fitness and health goals overnight. They did it with determination and passion. If you want to know what they do on a regular day, then read on and discover how you can be like them.

1. They Exercise Even During Busy Days

These women would workout, even for just 15 minutes. A short workout, for them, is better than nothing at all. If you have a tight schedule for the day, do at least a few minutes of exercise before heading out. You can do this while listening to your favorite pump up music. You will be surprised at how good you will feel after that short workout.

2.They Drink Less on Weeknights

Weekdays can already be exhausting without alcohol. If you went home drunk on a Tuesday night, then there is a small chance that you get up in time for your 7 a.m. spin class. Drinking alcohol can keep women low on energy for the rest of the week, so keep your weeknight drinking to a minimum.

3.They Focus on Feeling Good Than Looking Good

Exercise boosts your energy level and mood. Fit and healthy women are always cheerful and energized, even during a tough day. Their feel-good aura allows them to look good, as well, making them more beautiful every day.

4.They Enjoy Exercise

Healthy and fit ladies know that they need to find a workout routine that they will surely enjoy. For these women, working out is therapeutic and a great stress-reliever. They know that working out prepares them for the rest of the day.

5.They Do Not Compare Their Bodies to Others

These women love and accept their body. They do not mind what other people say about their figure, nor do they compare their shape with others’ bodies. You are supposed to be unique, and your ideal figure and weight are usually what seems best for you.

6.They Value Cheat Day

A healthy meal plan still includes a cheat day. After exercising hard and eating clean all week, you deserve to eat whatever you want for a day. If you ignore cheat day, then your mind will feel restricted and your fitness goal could be negatively affected. Balance is key.

7.They Get Enough Sleep

Fit ladies prioritize sleep. For them, skipping sleep increases their risk for numerous serious health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. They also believe that getting ample sleep, which is eight hours, improves their performance.

8.They Eat Breakfast

Fitness enthusiasts never miss breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day; otherwise, they will feel grumpy. Experts say that breakfast eaters have more energy, have lower cholesterol levels, and are leaner and healthier than those who skip this meal.

9.They Surround Themselves with Healthy Friends

Healthy women tend to join other people who share their sentiments. You will often find them working out with their other fit friends. This keeps them motivated to stay healthy and fit.

10.They Mix Up Their Routine

Running five miles every day will surely keep you active, but your body might eventually get used to it and there will no longer be any significant changes. You need to switch your routine once in a while to challenge your muscles, lungs, and heart. This will allow you to keep improving.

11.They Do Not Diet

Fit women do not consider their clean eating habit as a “diet” plan. They believe diets are temporary and only provide a short-term fix. Eating well, for them, is a lifelong endeavor and should be enjoyable.

12.They Make Health a Top Priority

Healthy and fit ladies make health a top priority. They make conscious choices to keep their body healthy. They understand that their health is precious and should not be taken for granted.

13.They Do Not Wait for an Occasion to Start Getting Fit

Most people start getting healthy and fit when there is an upcoming event, such as a wedding or the summer season. Healthy and fit women, meanwhile, constantly eat clean and workout as part of their daily routine. This makes preparing for an event easier for them as they only need to dress up and feel awesome.

14.They Stay Hydrated

These ladies drink plenty of water. They avoid high-calorie drinks, such as alcohol and juices in can, as much as possible. Water keeps them hydrated, full, and beautiful, which is why it is their beverage of choice.

15.They Push Themselves

Fit women love challenging themselves during every workout. They believe that simply doing movements will deprive their body of great results. Doing challenging workouts that are ideal for their fitness level leave them feeling accomplished and strong. They choose to do more repetitions, increase their cardio intensity, or even lift a slighty heavier weight.


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