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12 Super Simple Green Juices and Smoothies that Taste Amazing


You might have heard the fads before, “Drink green juice, it’s great for you.” The thing is, they might not be the greatest tasting beverages available. In spite of this you should be doing everything you can to up your intake of these amazing brews. They’re likely to boost your health and help you along on all of your fitness goals. Check out these 12 Super Simple Green Juices and Smoothies, believe us, they taste great!

  1. Blender Green Juice


Want to juice in your blender? Say no more. This recipe forgoes the traditional juicer and allows you to get juicing quick using equipment you already have at home. This recipe is super easy. All the ingredients go in the blender and you blend away. Once you’re done, take out the liquid and pass it through a fine sieve. If you don’t mind a bit of pulp you can leave it in for extra nutrition. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.justataste.com

  1. Green Debloating Smoothie


How many times have you thought, “I really shouldn’t have had that last piece?” We always end up regretting it. Not to worry, this debloating smoothie will have feeling back to your usual self in no time at all. The recipe combines some amazing ingredients not to mention looks amazing. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.peanutbutterandpeppers.com

  1. Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie


Why not throw in a little citrus, to lighten up your life? This smoothie has the smooth tones of vanilla with a kick of lime to boot. Almost like a margarita without the alcohol. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.kitchentreaty.com

  1. Reese’s Spinach Smoothie


There’s nothing wrong with having your green smoothie taste amazing! This great green smoothie has a little peanut butter to mix it up (hence the title Reese’s!). That’s not to say that it’s not still super healthy. This recipe was so popular it was even featured in Cosmo! Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.noshandnourish.com

  1. Jeanette’s Beginner Green Smoothie


Jeanette’s Beginner Green Smoothie packs a fat burning punch with the inclusion of green tea. According to studies, green tea has been found to help your body burn up to 17% more fat. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.jeanetteshealthyliving.com

  1. Super Green Thyroid Drink


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Your thyroid is critical to a number of metabolic processes, which happen in your body. Thyroid disorders can have disastrous impacts. Studies have shown that supplementing B12 can help alleviate the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. This juice is the perfect match as it gives you an amazing shot of B vitamins. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.stepintomygreenworld.com

  1. Dr Oz’s Green Drink


Dr Oz starts every morning with his high-fiber, low calorie green smoothie. This smoothie packs the punch to keep your going and help you stay hunger free for longer! Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.doctoroz.com

  1. Thin Mint Smoothie


Let’s face it at times we can all give in to temptation. It all starts with that first bite. This thin mint smoothie will have you rejecting all of those potential first bites. This recipe will give you that choc mint flavor boost that you crave without packing the same calories. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.juliannehough.com

  1. Eating Well Green Juice


Want to strengthen up your bones? This green juice packs a whole lot of bone-strengthening vitamin K. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.eatingwell.com

  1. Spring Green Juice


Add a spring to your step with this super healthy and super quick spring green juice. This recipe adds a revitalizing ginger kick, which will help boost, your energy and keep you going! Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.inthelittleredhouse.blogspot.com.au

  1. Balanced Green Juice


We could all probably use a little more balance in our lives. This recipe is sure to deliver that. It has a unique mix of fruits and vegetables to keep you feeling balanced and healthy. This recipe also integrates the super food, cilantro, into the mix. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.seriouseats.com

  1. The Famed Green Juice


This green juice can be had on a daily basis or used as part of your detox plan. Either way, it’s delicious and incorporates quite a number of amazing ingredients to help you feel brighter in no time. Get the recipe here.

Photo Credit: www.mydarlinglemonthyme.com

So there you have it, 12 super easy, super healthy green juices and smoothies that will leave you feeling satisfied and vibrant!

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If you’ve found an interesting option, please share 🙂

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